Multiple Trip travel Grant

Lead Research Organisation: University of Surrey
Department Name: Advanced Technology Institute


Professor Reed has set up a series of meeting to discuss collaboration with leading researchers around the world. The strategy has been to select international conferences at which the target collaborators will be present. This maximises the cost effectiveness of the travel funding, and also allows Reed to come from a position of strength in discussions because he is either chairman or an invited speaker at most of these meetings..Five trips are proposed, all of which will offer opportunities for collaboration to be discussed. In particular trips to San Jose and Tokyo will offer an opportunity to meet and discuss collaboration with two leading researchers, Dr Mario Paniccia from Intel, Santa Clara, and Professor Kazumi Wada from Tokyo. Trips to San Jose and Berlin will be used to discuss EU collaboration with Professors Pavesi and Baets, and Dr Fedeli. The trip to Spain will include discussions on optical sensor work with Dr Serpenguzel.


10 25 50
Description This was a travel grant to facilitate discussions with other leading researchers. It led to collaborations with Intel, the University of Tokyo, and an ongoing relationship with the University of Ghent. In turn several publications were also influenced by the discussions.
Exploitation Route Future proposals and consortia.
Sectors Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software)