Next Generation of SBLI Code

Lead Research Organisation: Kingston University
Department Name: Fac of Science Engineering and Computing


This project aims to re-engineer a code for direct and large eddy simulation of transitional and turbulent flow. The original code was developed by the applicants for simulation of shock-wave/boundary-layer interaction (SBLI) problems and has become known as the SBLI code. Since its development the code has proved to be a flexible research tool and has been applied to a wide range of research problems including subsonic airfoils and aero-acoustics. With more geometrically-challenging applications and new algorithmic improvements, such as non-reflecting boundary conditions and sub-grid scale models for turbulence, the code has split into several variants. The present project will undertake a comprehensive re-engineering of the code, aiming to add capability and bring the various elements back together, while retaining the flexibility of the original code as a research platform. Well-developed code elements will be modularised and removed from normal user access. A suite of validation cases will be programmed and used during the code modification, which will include an update to current language version and incorporation of a version control system for parts of the code. The utility of the new version will be demonstrated by a new state-of-the-art direct numerical simulation of transition due to oblique shock wave impingement, including more flow physics than previous simulations. A formal code release will be made during the project, with users consulted throughout.


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