Supporting crossover between quantitative modelling communities

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Informatics


This grant application is to support the first co-located meeting between leading quantitative modelling conferences in systems biology and theoretical computer science. Leading researchers and students at the beginning of their careers will be able to meet and benefit from the exchange of scientific ideas, leading to new research developments in areas as diverse as efficient computer network simulation and targeted design of drugs with attendant benefits for human and animal health. Despite addressing different application areas the scientists involved use similar mathematical methods deploying stochastic simulation and differential equations. This event provides a unique opportunity for crossover and cross-fertilisation of research ideas.


10 25 50
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N/a Calder (2008) Theoretical Computer Science (Series C) in Special Issue

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N/a Harchol-Balter (2007) Quantitative Evaluation of Systems

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N/a Hillston (2008) Special Issue on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems in Special Issue on Quantitative Evaluation of Systems

Description The joint meeting of QEST and CMSB served the UK academic community by providing a unique scientific occasion for a gathering of participants from the computer science and systems biology communities. Given the wide range of topics encompassed by the joint meeting, we noted a high level of interest from the quantitative methods communities, and additional interest from those interested in other aspects of the biology/computer science interface. Beneficiaries: The event proved to be particularl