Grant in Aid of Supporting the fifth UK Technological Plasma Workshop

Lead Research Organisation: University of Ulster
Department Name: School of Engineering


Plasma physics and engineering is an interdisciplinary field that has over many decades enabled some of the most exciting science and contributed to major industrial innovations. Its continued growth can only be sustained when more and more young researchers choose plasma science as the field of their future career. In the UK, this has in part been fostered through the successful series of Technological Plasma workshops (TPW). To further this strategic effort of the UK technological plasma community, we request aid in funding of the next TPW in Belfast hosted by Queens University & University of Ulster.The next TPW will be anchored with three plenary talks given by leading international plasma scientists as well as talks by plasma technologists in Industry. These will be supplemented with several contributed talks so as to engage young scientists in the most exciting and current challenges facing the technological plasma science and their industrial and medical applications. Through the provision of subsistence costs, the workshop will aim specifically at promoting young researchers' participation and contribution in the form of oral and poster presentations. It will also be used to showcase the UK technological plasma science to attract overseas attendees. Furthermore, key industrial needs will be raised and discussed, together with discussions on current plasma research programmes, UK networks and sources of funding which can be used to address these needs.


10 25 50
Description Scientific community focus and roadmap
Exploitation Route Our findings relate to the key areas of future investigation in order to kickstart new applied technologies from the technological plasma base. After six years, the increased funding, the emergence of new multidisciplinary activities, commercial developments and clinical trials has indicated that our findings from this workshop have played an important part.
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Energy,Environment,Healthcare

Description The workshop sought to establish the key questions and the roadmap for future collective focus from 2007 - 2014. This has now matured with evidence of much greater levels of research funding for technological plasma science & engineering and the emergence of a strong UK leadership in new fields such as plasma medicine and atmospheric plasma synthesis of solar materials
First Year Of Impact 2010
Sector Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Energy,Environment,Healthcare
Impact Types Economic

Description TPI 2007 Workshop outcome 
Form Of Engagement Activity Scientific meeting (conference/symposium etc.)
Part Of Official Scheme? Yes
Type Of Presentation workshop facilitator
Geographic Reach International
Primary Audience Participants in your research and patient groups
Results and Impact Workshop took place 18th - 19th Dec 2007. Overall the workshop was very successful with 90 pre-registered participants plus approximately 20 registered at the conference. There were 16 invited and contributed talks and 47 posters from PhD students and young researchers. The latter has registration and accommodation costs supported from the funding on this grant. The workshop was anchored with three plenary talks given by leading international plasma scientists, namely: Mark Kushner (US), Richard van der Sanden (Netherlands) and Pascal Chalbert (France) as well as contributed talks by plasma technologists in Industry, including Intel and ITI Energy. Through the provision of subsistence costs, the workshop achieved its aim of promoting the participation of young researchers' participation and contributions. It was also able to showcase UK technological plasma science overseas by attracting attendees from US, Europe and Australia. The interaction between plasma research scientists and industry was highlighted with attendees from industry including Seagate, Intel, Lam Research, Teer Coatings, Sensor Tech + Devices Ltd, BD Biosciences as well as representatives from sponsoring companies; Hiden Analytical, Oxford Instruments, Impedans and Plasma Clean.

Advancement in scientific strategy of the research community as regards future research roadmap. Results over the next few years included significantly increased levels of research funding to technological plasma science and engineering and the establishment in UK of significant leadership in new fields such as plasma medicine
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2007