Renaissance Germanium

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: Electronics and Electrical Engineering


Germanium, in at the birth of the electronics revolution, is experiencing a renaissance as a semiconductor material - possibly even rivalling silicon, and is attracting huge interest as the silicon end-game hots up. It is perceived, audaciously but by many, as a potential candidate to maintain silicon-like technology and associated devices well beyond the envisaged end of silicon development (around 2020) and also take the technology into exciting new areas and performance regimes. This proposal sets out to explore some of the intriguing aspects and consequences of the fundamental electronic structure of Ge not previously examined. There are good theoretical arguments to suggest that some critical performance parameters can be dramatically enhanced if carriers travel in non-conventional crystallographic directions and when the germanium is under strain. We will investigate how these new environments affect the velocity/mobility and effective mass of the carriers (electrons and holes) and the processes that impede their motion (scattering).


10 25 50
Description 3D EMC code development
Exploitation Route Research publications and commercial software
Sectors Electronics

Description Creation of a start up company GSS in 2010 sold to Synopsys in 2016
First Year Of Impact 2016
Sector Electronics,Financial Services, and Management Consultancy
Impact Types Economic