Self-organized nanostructures and transparent conducting electrodes for low cost scaleable organic photovoltaic devices

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bath


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Description A wide variety of CVD precursors, derived from novel anionic nacac ligand sets, were developed. Although of limited applicability, due to insufficient volatility, for atmospheric pressure CVD, ALL the new compounds synthesised show rich potential as bespoke oxide precursors under reduced pressure conditions
Exploitation Route The focus of the project, because of its close tie in with the 'on-line' production methods of the float glass industry, was entirely focused on the requirements of a an atmospheric CVD process. This will continue to be an extremely challenging objective with conventional delivery methods. The compounds are all completely practicable precursors at reduced pressures, however. Further CVD at reduced pressures is required to fully assess the rich potential of the new precursors devised.
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