Life Sciences Interface Doctoral Training Centre

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Mathematical & Physical Sciences Div


The LSI DTC provides a comprehensive training programme, and facilitates leading-edge research, in the mathematical, physical, and engineering science techniques that underpin four interlinked application areas at the Life Sciences Interface within the University: biological physics arising from the joint EPSRC/BBSRC IRC in Bionanotechnology based primarily in the Physics Department; medical imaging and signals arising from the joint EPSRC/MRC IRC: From Medical Images and Signals to Useful Clinical Information based primarily in the Engineering Science Department; mathematical genetics and bioinformatics linked to the Oxford Centre for Gene Function and based in the Statistics Department; and Computational Biology arising from the Integrative Biology e-Science Pilot Project and based in the Computing Laboratory. Each of these application areas and associated groups are involved in extensive interdisciplinary collaborations with life sciences and clinical colleagues across the University, and more widely, and each represents a key strategic research direction for both the host depaitinents and the University. Demand for trained researchers in both industry and academia is very strong in all four research areas, and the DTC has very strong industrial input into the programme, including a pilot industry-based D. Phil programme.


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