LSI Doctoral Training Centres - Doctoral Training Centre in Cell & Proteomic Technologies

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: Institute of Biomedical & Life Sciences


List the broad thematic areas and need for the proposed centre.The main theme is proteomic and related cell technologies. This will include:Small sample proteomics: including tissue and biofluid samples for clinical applications, analysis of rare proteins, working towards single cell proteomics.Protein enrichment and separation: affinity enrichments, new chromatography methods and rapid isolation and analysis of protein complexes.Protein, nucleic acid and drug based arrays: protein capture arrays and new methods of reading arrays including mass spectrometry, fluorescence lifetime, fluorescence correlation and quantum dot technologies.Quantitative proteomics: especially for post-translational modifications.Lab-on-a-chip, especially microfluids and single cell manipulation.Biophotonics and imaging: these technologies are playing an increasingly important role in single cell studies and tissue analysis.Mass spectrometry: new methods applying high-field FTICR, MS imaging and sample introduction for limited samples.Tissue and cell engineering: especially the interaction of cells with surfaces, sensing of biomechanical cues and interactions between assemblies of cells.Bioinformatics and computational science: especially data generation and analysis for systems biology.Following the genomics revolution there is now a critical need for new researcher trained to work at the interdiscplinary interfaces between biology, physical sciences and engineering to tackle key biomechanical problems at the molecular and single cell level; this centre will provide these researchers.


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