Integrated Macro-models of Networks and Fields for the Simulation of Complex Systems

Lead Research Organisation: University of Nottingham
Department Name: George Green Institute for Electromagnet


The proposal addresses a critical area in the design of complex high-speed electronic systems, namely, how to perform efficient studies of their electromagnetic behaviour in the presence of extreme geometrical, circuit and material complexity. As it is common in such cases the art is to segment the systems to subsystems and then model each one using a technique best suited to its peculiarities. Then, the various sub-models need to be combined to account fully for all interactions. This process of segmentation, sub-system modelling and aggregation is very challenging in all physical domains but it is particularly so in high-frequency applications (electromagnetic waves do not respect boundaries-they propagate and couple along large distances).In this proposal we aim to address these issues using a range of numerical models, field-based, network-based and behavioural. We combine our own expertise in constructing sophisticated macro-models of multi-scale systems with that of our partners to address a challenging problem of crucial importance to the advanced development of information and communications technologies which pervade all engineering applications. Successful completion of this research programme will make available to Industry a sophisticated hybrid modelling capability to analyse and design complex electromagnetic systems such as typified by a modern mobile phone which combines in a single handheld unit a multitude of complex functions.