Mass Spectrometry to Support Synthetic Chemistry in Durham

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Chemistry


Mass spectrometry is an essential analytical technique in the determination of chemical composition and structure and depending upon the precise method employed, can be used in the analysis of not only discrete molecular species, but also larger structures in which non-covalent interactions play a prominant role in structural stability (i.e. systems in which multiple fragments interact through forces other than chemical bonds ). The new equipment requested in this application will be used in research projects directed towards the discovery of new molecular reporters that are necessary for enhanced bioimaging, functional molecules for the next generation of electronic devices, and new methods of synthesis, including catalysis.The Chemistry Department at Durham is one of the leading research Departments in the UK, with a long-standing reputation for excellence. The Department's research, which is led by some 40 academics, touches the boundaries of the chemical sciences with engineering, physics and biology. Across this diverse research space, common new needs and resources can be identified. Investment in new instrumentation that can be used by multiple research groups, pursuing a diverse range of scientific goals, provides maximum value for money in addition to helping maintain the UK research infrastructure. This request falls into this category seeking funding to replace old and ageing mass spectrometers with new more versatile instruments that will support a greater proportion of the research groups in the Department in developing new lines of research.


10 25 50
Description The MS techniques used on the instruments enabled in this grant have underpinned a range of new chemical discoveries funded by diverse sources including other RCUK awards
Exploitation Route Similar equipment and MS techniques are widely used across many Chemistry Departments and related analytical facilities.
Sectors Chemicals,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology