Meet The Mathematicians Outreach Events

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Mathematics


If you are a year 12 or 13, S5 or S6, school student contemplating studying mathematics or a related subject (e.g. engineering or physics) at university then this is an event not to be missed! -A day of talks and interactive sessions given by leading applied mathematicians and physicists -A chance to meet and chat with university students and researchers -A variety of talks on applications of mathematics to science, engineering and finance Meet the Mathematicians will be a day-long event held alongside the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium (BAMC) which will take place around Easter-time at the University of Nottingham (2009), the Maxwell Institute Edinburgh (2010) and the University of Birmingham (2011). The BAMC is the principal annual gathering of applied mathematicians in the country. Meet the Mathematicians will provide an opportunity for young people who are curious about the way mathematicians interact with the real world and the way mathematics actually gets done, to experience a scientific conference and to hear from leading researchers about their interests and about the real-world relevance of mathematics. If you can't make it along to these meetings, the event will be recorded and posted, with related articles and other educational materials to a website available to all (including your teachers and parents!).


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Title Meet the Mathematician Talk Videos 
Description Legacy videos of talks by world-leading mathematicians to sixth-form-age students at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquim 2009-2012 
Type Of Art Film/Video/Animation 
Year Produced 2012 
Impact 440 subscribers, 200k hits (to November 2014, including mirror on Nottingham Science), with around 2000 hits per months. 
Description The purpose of the whole grant was to engage sixth-form-age students in mathematical research beyond the A-level syllabus by bringing them to conferences to experience specialist talks relating to the research being announced at the conference, targeted at the age group. This ran at the British Applied Mathematics Colloquium in 2009 (Nottingham), 2010 (Edinburgh - as part of the Edinburgh Science Festival), 2011 (Birmingham) and 2012 (UCL).
Exploitation Route This successful model will hopefully be continued in coming years. It is a well designed and robust public engagement vehicle. We are also looking into the idea of initiating an online video competition for school students on topics within mathematics.
Sectors Education,Other

Description This series of outreach events brought sixth form and other pupils into a university conference environment to see that mathematics is a living subject. It was aimed to stimulate interest in the mathematical sciences, and their applications, by bright students and their teachers.
First Year Of Impact 2009
Sector Education
Impact Types Cultural,Societal