Effective EPAC Knowledge Transfer (EFFEKT)

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Computer Science


The purpose of this project is to facilitate knowledge transfer between appropriate stakeholders within the Ensuring Privacy And Consent (EPAC) Programme.Three consortia-based projects were selected for funding; ENCORE, VOME, and Privacy Value Networks.The requirement is to build on the collaboration in place within each of the consortia, to facilitate meta-collaboration between consortia, and to support the outreach of the programme to all potential beneficiaries. This is to enable the consortia to focus on the activities relevant to their individual success, whilst enhancing the delivery of the EPAC programme.The approach proposed is to set a structure in place, strongly guided by the Projects, to facilitate knowledge transfer. This will comprise physical and virtual meetings, with physical meetings rotating around the project locations, to share costs.Projects will be invited to determine their contribution to knowledge transfer, and to identify additional useful information inputs that could be satisfied by the EPAC community, and through the elicitation of additional information through events hosted by, or attended by this project. These events would include:- Workshops and seminars;- Interviews of key stakeholders including the Information Commissioner, Transformational Government, vendors and a range of organisations processing personal information;- Contribution to existing mechanisms such as the Cybersecurity KTN, particularly the Privacy SIG; - EPAC conferences (either specific projects, or as an additional stream in an existing conference) in the 2nd and 3rd years of the programme.In choosing events, it is recognised that these activities should supplement and enhance the activities planned by the EPAC projects, so this project will offer a coordination service to the EPAC projects so that, without imposing on individual project activities, additional benefits may be gained by the other projects.This project will build and maintain a website for information dissemination, and the elicitation of contribution from a wider community through appropriate wikis and blogs. Should the EPAC projects find it useful, we will host an internal EPAC project wiki and blog, as well as public-facing wiki and blog as it is recognised that not all of the knowledge to be transferred between EPAC projects will be publicly available until a later stage in the programme.


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