Sheffield Training in Interdisciplinary Energy Research: STIER

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Materials Science and Engineering


Making the transition to a low carbon economy while ensuring a secure energy supply is one of the greatest challenges facing the UK today. Rising fuel prices are also creating opportunities for innovative approaches to low carbon energy provision at both city and household scale.By developing a comprehensive research and training strategy, we will deliver on research challenges inherent in making the change to a sustainable energy future and capitalise on the opportunities arising. Students will receive a uniquely broad introduction and overview of energy issues in the first year of their training before developing individual specialisations through research projects. We will address 'Energy Generation', 'Energy Utilisation and Demand Reduction' and 'Energy Industry By-products and Waste'. Specific topics for research will be drawn from Engineering, the Physical and Biological and Social sciences, and include: Advanced materials for batteries and fuel cellsPhotovoltaics, photosynthesis and PV materials Wind and water based technologies Biofuels & alternative fuels High temperature materials and coatings Engine technology Solid, liquid and particulate emissionsEnergy management strategiesTransport and light weight materials Building energy efficiencyProcess efficiencyResource constraints including land and infrastructureEnergy flowsLocal/national policy on energyNuclear energy and nuclear waste immobilisation and storageRecycling of waste and waste heat


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