Novel interlocked bioactive coating on metallic substrates for orthopaedic applications

Lead Research Organisation: University College London


There is significant demand for preparing high integrity bioactive coatings on metallic substrates for orthopaedic applications. Current technology produces artefacts which are prone to failure by shear during implantation and subsequent performance. This is very costly to the NHS and very distressing to patients who have to undergo revision surgery. In this project we are testing a new procedure which will generate an interlocked coating-substrate topography. This novel coating procedure will be optimised and the shear strength at the coating-substrate interface will be measured and compared with that of specimens produced by current technology. The aim is to commercialise the new technology.


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Description A novel method of depositing and patterning bioactive materials on flat surfaces. The method uses an electrically-driven jet of the bioactive material and the jet is directed to a template-covered substrate on which the bioactive deposit is needed. After rapid jet deposition the template is removed. This leads to selective patterning and also make interlocking of patterns of different materials a possibility and this gives a highly adhesive anti-shearing pattern attractive for cellular deposition in the case of biomedical engineering applications.
Exploitation Route Several patents have now been granted for this work which extend into new research covered by EPSRC grant EP/L024225/1.

Patent No File Date Issue Date Country
US9044528 30/11/2009 02/06/2015 United States Granted
CN102245220 30/11/2009 11/06/2014 China Granted
EP2361100 30/11/2009 20/03/2013 Europe Granted
EP2361100 30/11/2009 20/03/2013 United Kingdom Granted

UCL-Business is currently looking at ways of commercial exploitation.
Sectors Chemicals,Creative Economy,Energy,Environment,Healthcare,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology

Description Our invention has been patented worldwide and has attracted the attention of Orthopaedic Research (UK) who have funded several PhD and research fello positions to further this work. Very important, it has attracted the attention of British industry who further funded an IMPACT PhD studentship and this has led to further funding to commercially exploit our finding via THe Royal Society (Brian Mercer Innovation feasibility award 2013) and EPSRC grant EP/L024225/1 which started 01 November 2014.
First Year Of Impact 2010
Sector Chemicals,Education,Energy,Environment,Healthcare,Manufacturing, including Industrial Biotechology,Pharmaceuticals and Medical Biotechnology
Impact Types Societal,Economic

Description Orthopaedic materials patterning 
Organisation Orthopaedic Research UK
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Charity/Non Profit 
PI Contribution Creating novel patterning routes for bioactive materials with orthopaedics as a focus
Collaborator Contribution Award of PhD and postdoctoral studentships
Impact The collaboration has resulted in the first patent of Orthopaedic Research (UK), formerly called The Furlong Trust. Multidisciplinary: Physical Science, Engineering, Life Science and Medicine. Dr Anouska Nithyanandan (post doc on EP/L024225/1) has regularly spoken/presented posters at their meetings.
Start Year 2008
Description Template-assisted patterning 
Organisation JRI Orthapaedics
Country United Kingdom 
Sector Private 
PI Contribution Participating in regular quarterly meetings with JRI staff
Collaborator Contribution 50% contribution to a UCL Impact studentship. Attending regular quarterly meetings in UCL.
Impact They have become partners of the EPSRC project EP/L024225/1. Collaboration has grown in that they were a central feature of an UCL/EPSRC IMPACT ACCELERATION AWARD which will run from October 2016 to February 2017.
Start Year 2009
Description An article comprising: a substrate; and over at least part of a surface of said substrate an outer coating of hydroxyapatite and an intermediate bonding layer bonded to said substrate and to said outer coating, wherein a mechanical interlock is present between said substrate and said outer coating. 
IP Reference EP2361100 
Protection Patent granted
Year Protection Granted 2011
Licensed Commercial In Confidence
Impact The Royal Society Brian Mercer (Innovation) Feasibility Award 2013. Also note that the patent is now granted in the USA and China. Patent No File Date Issue Date Country US9044528 30/11/2009 02/06/2015 United States CN102245220 30/11/2009 11/06/2014 China UK Priority Application: GB0821927.1 (Dec. 2008)