Telling the StoryBank: An Exhibit for the British Science Association, Festival of Science 2009

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: College of Science


StoryBank was an EPSRC funded research project looking at research methods, interaction and information retrieval innovations for supporting digital story telling in a rural Indian village context. This project aims at communicating the work and findings to a large and broad audience at the British Science Association 2009 Festival of Science. The exhibit, which has been selected for the exhibition, will give attendees a sense of the research context and show how the project team tackled issues such as low textual literacy and users who had little experience of computing. The exhibit will allow attendees to use the technology, interacting with stories created in the village and adding their own content. Although the StoryBank system was developed for a rural Indian context, we believe the notions of community and shared media interactions it embodies has relevance in the 'developed' world. During the exhibition we will question attendees to garner their views on the possibilities it offers for their future creation and use of digital media.


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