Meet the Biomedical Imaging Scientist with The University of Manchester Biomedical Imaging Institute and the Manchester Museum of Science & Industry

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Medical and Human Sciences


Meet the Scientist events are opportunities for the general public to meet working scientists and learn about what they do. These events are typically held in places such as science museums, are highly interactive, involve hands-on desktop exhibits and are suitable for the whole family.Biomedical imaging involves making pictures of the inside of peoples' bodies. Such pictures---and measurements derived from them---can be used to detect and diagnose damage or disease (such as a broken arm using X-ray imaging, or cancer using magnetic resonance imaging); to monitor patients' heath over time; to learn more about how our bodies' tissues and organs work when healthy or diseased; or to learn how diseases respond to treatments such as prescription drugs, allowing new treatments to be tested and made available faster and more cheaply.Most people are aware of what an X-ray is, and that patients often have to go for a scan , but few people know that there are many different types of scan or are familiar with the basic scientific principles that make such scans possible.The world-class researchers at the University of Manchester's Biomedical Imaging Institute have partnered with the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) to develop and deliver Meet the Scientist events about biomedical imaging. The events will provide the general public an opportunity to learn about the basic principles behind medical imaging from scientists that are driving this field of science forwards. The hands-on exhibits developed will be reused in other events, such as science fairs and schools visits.The project also aims to improve the Biomedical Imaging Institute's ability to explain our research to the public what we do and show why it is of benefit. This will be achieved by providing Biomedical Imaging Institute staff with appropriate training in talking to the public in an accessible way about ideas that even we can find difficult.

Planned Impact

The following is a summary of the full impact plan, which has been attached to this form: The primary beneficiaries will be the museum-going general public (predominantly children and their parents). Superficially, this audience will benefit from having a novel museum exhibition to explore and enjoy. On a deeper level, we hope this audience will benefit from seeing that scientists are ordinary people . Adults and teenagers may benefit from seeing the direct link between science funding and scientific progress. Consequently, we hope the scientific community will benefit from continued approval and financial support. In the longer term, projects such as this should contribute to the economy by encouraging people to consider careers in, and financially support, science. The University of Manchester Biomedical Imaging Institute (BII) will benefit from its partnership with the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) and the applicants will gain experience in public engagement. BII staff and PhD students who help during the planned events will benefit from high-quality training in public engagement and experience in helping to run the events. This will be of direct economic value to them when seeking employment or promotion within The University of Manchester, or employment elsewhere. MOSI will benefit from being able to provide their visitors with the proposed events, which cover an area of science they have previously not been able to present.


10 25 50
Description Public engagement activities - members of the public, of all ages, have been exposed to the science behind medical imaging and the information that it can provide on the human body.
Exploitation Route Follow-on public engagement activities, building on the links we made with local organisations (e.g. MOSI) and schools.
Sectors Education

Description Public engagement activities - members of the public, of all ages, have been exposed to the science behind medical imaging and the information that it can provide on the human body.
First Year Of Impact 2011
Sector Education
Impact Types Cultural,Societal

Description Events at the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester 
Form Of Engagement Activity Participation in an activity, workshop or similar
Part Of Official Scheme? Yes
Geographic Reach Regional
Primary Audience Public/other audiences
Results and Impact The nature of this award is to support public engagement activities. To date this award has supported, in full or in part:

1. Two 'Meet the scientist' activity days at the Manchester Museum of Science and industry, attracting over 500 members of the public of all ages. Interactive exhibit.

2. Three University of Manchester 'Meet the scientist'-style events using an interactive exhibit.

This activity is ongoing.

Ongoing interactions with schools, including talks and visits.
Year(s) Of Engagement Activity 2011,2012,2013