Pathways to Impact Award : University of Sheffield

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Physics and Astronomy


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Description TheP2i Short Term Project Fund was used to lay the groundwork for what was to become the University's Impact, Innovation and Knowledge Exchange (IIKE) framework. It contributed to the salaries of staff involved in pioneering a number of impact-related activities, namely: - exploring different processes and structures for promoting external partnerships and to find out which worked best. The most successful activities were then incorporated into the projects funded by the various Impact Acceleration Accounts awarded to the University - championing and embedding impact, delivering workshops and training and attending faculty and departmental meetings to increase knowledge and awareness of impact - setting up what would eventually become the Research Partnerships and Engagement Team, scoping and outlining key activities and shaping job descriptions for recruitment - consulting widely both internally and externally on the key elements of what would become the University's IIKE strategy (final document here:!/file/IIKE_Strategy_Statement_October_2012.pdf) - working with RCUK to understand Impact Statements/ Pathways to Impact and translating that into guidance for researchers and research support staff
First Year Of Impact 2012
Impact Types Cultural,Societal,Economic,Policy & public services