Multiscale in-situ characterisation of degradation and reactivity in solid oxide fuel cells

Lead Research Organisation: Newcastle University
Department Name: Chemical Engineering & Advanced Material


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Description We have developed the technique or pulsed isotopic exchange for investigation fuel cell performance in-situ. This technique involves passing isotopically labelled oxygen over the cathode and looking at how such oxygen is 'scrambled'. This gives us detailed kinetic information on the reduction process at the cathode.
Exploitation Route This method could be put into practice to diagnose problems with cathode performance.
Sectors Energy

Description This grant allowed us to develop a new technique to measure oxygen exchange within fuel cells. The impact has so far been confined to academia.
First Year Of Impact 2015
Sector Other
Title Pressure relaxation 
Description Pressure change is used to look at surface exchange and diffusion in materials 
Type Of Material Improvements to research infrastructure 
Provided To Others? No  
Impact Generating high quality data for novel materials 
Title Pulsed isotope oxygen exchange 
Description A short pulse of isotopicallly-labelled oxygen is introduced into a sample environment containing e.g. an oxide with active oxygen capacity. The fate of the oxygen is followed using an on-line mass spectrometer. The oxygen is either lost to the sample, scrambled with normal oxygen or eluted. From the mole fractions in the outlet one can determine rate constant for oxygen uptake and dissociation. 
Type Of Material Improvements to research infrastructure 
Year Produced 2015 
Provided To Others? Yes  
Impact There has not been any impact yet from this work. 
Description Pulsed isotopic exchange technique for the determination of surface oxygen exchange in metal oxides 
Organisation University of Twente
Country Netherlands 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution a collaboration initiated with Dr H.J.M. Bouwmeester of Twente University, Inorganic Membranes Group.
Collaborator Contribution Twente have attended meetings to brainstorm on approaches to developing this technique.
Impact None yet.
Start Year 2010