Centre for Innovation - SME Engagement Springboard

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: IT Services


This proposal is focussed on increasing the impact of high-performance computing in industry. Through a number of activities the Centre for Innovation will work with industry partners to increase their knowledge of high-performance computing, illustrate how it might assist them in their product development or commercial enterprise, and build stronger links into University innovation. The activities will include workshops, highlighting case studies that the industry participants can relate to, proof of concept applications, and appropriately targeting communications materials.

Planned Impact

This proposal is focussed on increasing engagement with SMEs and lowering the barriers to use of the Tier 2 HPC facilities. As identified in the report "A Strategic Vision for UK e-Infrastructure" there is potential for UK industry to increase growth through better use of e-Infrastructure, in this case HPC. It is our goal to realise this potential, at least in part, and to raise the use of the Centre for Innovation facilities by industry partners.


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Description This award has allowed the engagement of SMEs with high-performance computing. This has been completed through targeted approaches, case studies and events.
Through appropriate communications we have been able to lower the barriers to high-performance computing and have seen an uptake through increasing website and social media traffic, with researchers, SMEs and industry, not only in the UK but globally.
Exploitation Route The work to date will continue to support engagement with SMEs and provides a continuing basis for collaborative working on computational problems.
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Chemicals,Creative Economy,Education,Energy,Environment,Financial Services, and Management Consultancy

URL http://www.ses.ac.uk
Description To many SMEs, HPC is a new horizon disjoint form real-world applications. Part of lowering the boundaries to industry is demonstrating, through Case studies, the research made possible through the use of HPC and practical application to industry More than 10 high quality, case studies have been funded through this grant (see http://www.ses.ac.uk/showcase/) Through the purchase of Audio Visual equipment to produce video podcasts 'in-house', removing the need to go through a 3rd party. Videos have been uploaded to the SES website, more will continue to be produced (see videos n http://www.ses.ac.uk/showcase/) These will continue to be produced - The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Life case study (http://www.ses.ac.uk/2015/12/02/hpc-adds-extra-dimension-search-extraterrestrial-life/) is currently being developed into a video article using this equipment. Through sponsoring events such as for the Oxford ARC launch event we have had direct engagement with industry partners. This was a public facing event, engaging not only researchers but industry and the public. By producing literature such as the 'Barriers to HPC for SMEs' document (through UCL Enterprise) - shared with the other regionals centres and EPSRC and available online (see http://www.ses.ac.uk/high-performance-computing/ Link is at the bottom of the page to download from the site.)
First Year Of Impact 2015
Sector Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Chemicals,Creative Economy,Digital/Communication/Information Technologies (including Software),Education,Energy,Environment,Financial Services, and Management Consultancy
Impact Types Societal,Economic