Engineering Blood Diagnostics: Integrated Platforms for Advanced Detection and Analysis

Lead Research Organisation: Swansea University
Department Name: School of Engineering


We propose a research platform which will explore and underpin the development of new, integrative diagnostics based on a comprehensive analysis of blood. The integration of rheological and cytometric measurements is essential to the understanding of blood as a sophisticated tissue system in which biological mechanisms, initiated and controlled by cells, interact with complex fluid dynamics. The aim is to provide an appropriate technological platform which will provide biomarkers for the detection and analysis of pathological or therapeutic modifications of blood. These research aims demand multi-disciplinary skills, significant crossover of staff between academic and clinical environments and high risk, exploratory science - all aspects appropriate to the underpinning support of a platform grant.

Planned Impact

The platform will deliver a new generation of medical diagnostics based on the measurement of blood samples. By pursuing integrative solutions for diagnosis of disease that view blood as a complex tissue we will deliver tests that are able to describe the complexity of disease as exhibited in blood properties and thus move forward to patient specific testing and treatment. The primary impact will be on healthcare as delivered through the NHS and our research will be conducted in partnership with a NHS laboratory at Morriston Hospital, Swansea. There will be wider, commercial opportunities and we will develop these through a cluster of Swansea university spin-out companies: Haemair, Haemometrics and Cellometry, that have been set up to provide a translation pathway for methodologies and metrologies based around blood and cell measurement.


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