Workshop: Representation theory and symplectic singularities

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Pure Mathematics


We are applying for funding to hold a workshop in algebraic Lie Theory from 4-4-2016 until 8-4-2016 at the University of Edinburgh.
The three areas covered are finite W-algebras; representation theory and invariant theory of
reductive groups and their Lie algebras; and representation theory of symplectic singularities.
We want to bring together about 40 researchers, including top-level international experts,
leading researchers, postdocs and PhD students.

Planned Impact

The outcome from the meeting will be a strong motivation of the UK representation theory
community and it will also further enhance its international profile. The UK and international
symposium participants will be the immediate beneficiaries.

Due to the diverse nature of the research area and the participants the workshop will stimulate
of communication and cross-fertilisation between different areas.

The workshop will also be an important contribution to the training of PhD students and postdocs
in Lie theory and representation theory.


10 25 50
Description The workshop was held 4-8 April 2016
and was very successful. There were about 50 participants,
including top level speakers, 10 PhD students and 6 postdocs.
Exploitation Route The 20 research talks and all the discussions will initiate further research and collaborations. The research areas of the participants are quite diverse. This should maximise the possibility of cross-fertilisation and transfer of ideas outside their area of origin.
Sectors Other