Plasma kinetics, pre-heat, and the emergence of strong shocks in laser fusion

Lead Research Organisation: University of Warwick
Department Name: Physics


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Description Prototype models of fast electron transport have highlighted the need for a full 3D laser ray-tracing package even for 2D simulations. These have now been implemented and the full code exploited for interpreting the experimental results.
Exploitation Route Comparison of simulations with experiments on the OMEGA laser facility and design studies for fast-ignition fusion are now possible with the electron models incorporated into the Odin code on this project. A key publication based on this software development was released in 2021 which evidenced encouraging results for the shock ignition route to inertial fusion energy.
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Description The results from these experiments and simulations have been fed into the strategy for delivering power to the grid from direct drive fusion through the Inertial Fusion Consortium roadmap.
First Year Of Impact 2021
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Impact Types Societal,Policy & public services