Feasibility of Magneto-cardiography in Livestock (QuBeat)

Lead Research Organisation: University of Strathclyde
Department Name: Physics


The QuBeat project will exploit the potential for enhanced magnetic sensitivity offered by optically pumped magnetometers by demonstrating their application in livestock magneto-cardiography, a novel application with wide-reaching impact in animal welfare and agriculture. A demonstrator system integrating commercial sensors with magnetic feedback and compact data acquisition will be used to develop specific measurement modes and system design for livestock magneto-cardiography. The demonstrator system will be used to benchmark sensor performance and inform future optically pumped magnetic sensor development.

Planned Impact

The potential disruptive nature of Quantum Technology has been recognised by the UK Government through its investment in the area announced in 2013. Through the ongoing translational work in e.g. atomic sensors and metrology it is becoming increasingly clear, that potential commercial devices will share a range of common components or build on shared platforms in areas such as laser sources, optical systems, vacuum technology and control electronics.
Close integration of component development between highly specialised technology providers and academia provide the foundation for the translation of some of the research-based outcomes (e.g. from the Quantum Technology Hubs) to the industrial environment and early adopters. This is also a key component in the strategic development of the UK supply chain, that will ultimately form the basis for a new Quantum Technology industry.
With the present proposal, we seek to build on links with two industrial collaborators with significant expertise relevant for the creation of autonomous and miniaturised monitoring systems deployed in their particular industrial sector. While the work will specifically aim towards the agricultural and livestock sector, the generic issues around optimised measurement strategies and intelligent control systems could be adapted to other applications and sensor types relying on quantum technology or otherwise. It is therefore anticipated that the impact of the work will extend beyond the immediate application with significant potential for commercial exploitation in other areas of societal importance. In particular, we note the potential for extension of the magneto-cardiography technology to human health care.
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Description Demonstration of the ability to record the heartbeat of a cow through a non-invasive measurement of the generated magnetic field.
Exploitation Route Potential for commercial device for veterinary market. Potential for extension to human health.
Sectors Agriculture, Food and Drink,Healthcare