University of Reading EPSRC ECR Equipment Bid

Lead Research Organisation: University of Reading
Department Name: Pro Vice Chancellors Office


This proposal describes the University of Reading's plan for the allocation of the £100k EPSRC Capital Award emphasising support for Early Career Researchers (ECRs). The allocation will be used to put in place an internal fund into which eligible applicants will be able to bid for small items of equipment (£10,000- £50,000) to support their cutting-edge research. This fund will be targeted at ECRs, complementing the University's existing support for minor capital equipment (which is not ECR-focused). Awards will be made to ECRs proposing excellent research rooted in EPSRC remit, enabling them to stretch beyond their current research (in scope or in collaboration). We will ensure that for the capital equipment awards that are made, the University is in a position to provide ongoing logistical and technical support in line with the philosophy of the World Class Labs ecosystem.

Planned Impact

In the first instance, the main beneficiaries of this allocation will be the ECRs at the University of Reading who successful receive funding for the internal capital equipment fund. However it is anticipated that as a result of new items of equipment, ECRs will be in a position to develop new collaborations with external partners both academic or within Industry.

At present it is not possible to identify the specific beneficiaries but the Professional Services at the University of Reading including the Impact Team, Business Relationship Managers, Research Communications and Engagement and Research Development managers will work with the ECRs to maximise the benefit from the funding and ensure that where possible, Impact is developed.

Successful applicants will be asked to maximise the visibility of the new equipment as widely as possible, by hosting a workshop to showcase the new equipment, and uploading details of the new equipment to the portal.


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