University of Birmingham - Capital Award in Support of Early Career Researchers

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: Vice Chancellors Office


Through the allocation of equipment in strategically aligned areas, e.g. Healthcare Technologies, Intelligent Robotics, and Materials, the award will enhance the research and accelerate the careers of cohorts of Early Career Researchers at the University, acting as a springboard to cement their position as world-leaders in their chosen fields. It will allow them to perform cutting-edge research, leading towards new knowledge, and the development of new technologies for innovative new products. It will also allow for the formation of new collaborations with academic partners and Industry.

Planned Impact

The research that will be undertaken through this Capital Award will not only allow Early Career Researchers to establish new research programmes, but will be of significant interest to Industry. Via world-class, interdisciplinary, and collaborative research, new knowledge will be created towards the development of new technologies for innovative new products, thereby helping to maintain the UK as a scientific and economic world leader.


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