EPSRC Capital Award emphasising support for Early Career Researchers

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: College of Science and Engineering


The University of Glasgow will invest in small items of equipment within a pooled equipment resource to further enhance the excellent research environment for our thriving community of 69 Early Career Researchers (ECRs). This investment will drive new research ideas, encourage new collaborations and support research training.

The University invests substantially in training and support for Early Career Researchers and the block grant will complement our existing ECR financial support mechanisms. Previous ECRs have benefitted from funding, for the purchase of equipment, which helped them to establish new collaborations, undertake new research, win additional research funding and grow their research groups. We will build on this successful experience and invest strategically in equipment to enhance the careers of our Early career researchers, encourage collaboration between different academic disciplines and in turn benefit our wider academic community.

The scheme will be run by an experienced team representing all research within ESPRC remit primarily academics from the College of Science and Engineering and appropriate sectors of the College of Medical, Veterinary and Life Sciences.

We propose to run two cycles of the equipment call, with the first starting in October 2018 the second in April 2019. The University of Glasgow will commit £100k of additional funding in support of the application.

Planned Impact

The proposal will deliver substantial impacts to beneficiaries within and outside academia. It spans the breadth of EPSRC funded themes, is highly multidisciplinary and will be conducted by our best Early Career Researchers (ECRs). We have explicitly designed this funding application to increase the level of cross-fertilisation between ECRs working in different disciplines; to provide an opportunity to foster new collaborations; and to lever more effective use of our existing infrastructure and expertise.

The new equipment will expand the areas of collaborative research currently funded by the EPSRC and will provide further opportunities to deliver excellent science of interest to the wider academic and industrial communities. With the acquisition of new equipment, the Glasgow ECRs will also be in a stronger position to attract new external industrial collaborators, who will in turn will benefit from the resource. The collaborating companies across many industry sectors will benefit from access to the equipment and strengthen their competitive advantage while acting as a conduit to impact for EPSRC funded research.


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