Enhanced Multiscale Boiling Surfaces (EMBOSS): From Fundamentals to Design

Lead Research Organisation: University of Edinburgh
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


Boiling phenomena are central to heating and cooling duties in many industries, such as cooling and refrigeration, power generation, and chemical manufacture. Limitations to boiling heat transfer arise through surface dry-out at high heat flux, leading to localised hot-spots on heat transfer surfaces and larger equipment requirements. Whilst this is a significant problem for many industries, it becomes even more of an issue when dealing with small-scale systems, such as those used for cooling of microelectronics, where failure to remove heat effectively leads to localised overheating and potential damage of components. Spatially non-uniform and unsteady dissipative heat generation in such systems is detrimental to their performance and longevity. The effective heat exchanger area is of order sq. cm, with heat fluxes of order MW/sqm. This requires a transformative, step-change, beyond the current state-of-the-art for cooling heat fluxes between 2-15 MW/sqm at local "hot spots" to prevent burn out.
A number of attempts have already been made to extend the upper boundary for the heat flux through alteration of surface characteristics with the aim of improved nucleation of vapour bubbles, bubble detachment, and subsequent rewetting of the surface by liquid. Despite the progress made, previous work on surfaces for pool- (and potentially flow-) boiling does not involve a rational approach for developing optimal surface topography. For instance, nucleate boiling heat transfer (NBHT) decreases with increasing wettability, and the designer must consider the nucleation site density, associated bubble departure diameter, and frequency related to the surface structure and fluid phase behaviour. For high surface wettability, the smaller-scale surface structure characteristics (e.g. cavities) can act as nucleation sites; for low wettability, the cavity dimensions, rather than its topology, will dominate. Therefore, characterising surfaces in terms of roughness values is insufficient to account for the changes in the boiling curve: the fluid-surface coupling must be studied in detail for the enhancement of NBHT and the critical heat flux.
EMBOSS brings together a multi-disciplinary team of researchers from Brunel, Edinburgh, and Imperial, and six industrial partners and a collaborator (Aavid Thermacore, TMD ltd, Oxford Nanosystems, Intrinsiq Materials, Alfa Laval, CALGAVIN, and OxfordLasers) with expertise in cutting-edge micro-fabrication, experimental techniques, and molecular-, meso- and continuum-scale modelling and simulation. The EMBOSS framework will inform the rational design, fabrication, and optimisation of operational prototypes of a pool-boiling thermal management system. Design optimality will be measured in terms of materials and energy savings, heat-exchange equipment efficiency and footprint, reduction of emissions, and process sustainability. The collaboration with our partners will ensure alignment with the industrial needs, and will accelerate technology transfer to industry. These partners will provide guidance and advice through the project progress meetings, which some of them will also host. In addition, Alfa Laval will provide brazed heat exchangers as condensers for the experimental work, Intrinsiq will provide copper ink for coating surfaces and Oxford nanoSystems will provide nano-structured surface coatings. The project will integrate the challenges identified by EPSRC Prosperity Outcomes and the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund in Energy (Resilient Nation), manufacturing and digital technologies (Resilient Nation, Productive Nation), as areas to drive economic growth.


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Description The project started six months ago. The main key findings are:

-The upgrade of the pool boiling rig and its instrumentation.
- the buildings of the first substrates and boiling test section with artificial cavities.
-The modeling is progressing with coordination with partners at Imperial College.
-Significant data on the effect of wettability and cavities influence on bubbles nucleation, growth and interactions are obtained.
-We anticipate some significant outputs from these data.
Exploitation Route This award is still ongoing and we anticipate to have more of the above in the future.
Sectors Aerospace, Defence and Marine,Chemicals,Electronics

Description Coolboration with teh International Centre for Carbon Neutral Energy Research (I2CNER) at Kyushu University, Japan 
Organisation Kyushu University
Country Japan 
Sector Academic/University 
PI Contribution The collaboration started in 2015 when Profesor K. Sefiane was awarded a Progress100 grant by Kyushu University to support collaboration between the two Universities. The initial grant was for 18 months. Professor Sefiane has been succesful in renewing this grant in 2018 for another 3 years.#The funding provided support to appoint a research assistant at Kyushu University and pay for travel expenses between Edinburgh and Kyushu for staff from the two groups.
Collaborator Contribution Two research awards: 2015-2016 2018-2021 The total amounts of these two awards was about 100,000 £.
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Start Year 2015