rISC - the game of strategic molecular design for high efficiency OLEDs

Lead Research Organisation: Durham University
Department Name: Physics


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Franca L (2023) Donor, Acceptor, and Molecular Charge Transfer Emission All in One Molecule in The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters

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Hempe M (2021) Vibrational Damping Reveals Vibronic Coupling in Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Materials. in Chemistry of materials : a publication of the American Chemical Society

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Monkman A (2022) Why Do We Still Need a Stable Long Lifetime Deep Blue OLED Emitter? in ACS applied materials & interfaces

Description From initial work we had shown that uncontrolled molecular conformations lead to very inhomogeneous rates of reverse intersystem crossing which causes fast and slow triplet harvesting leading to poor efficiency and major problems on OLED devices. By using molecules that have locked configurations we remove this problem and can now demonstrate far more efficent OLEDs with stable colour emission and longer lifetime. Two ways to achieve this have been found. This is a major step forward for TADF OLEDs.
Exploitation Route We are working with two leading major International OLED companies and aim to introduce these new materials into our work with them to take our findings further.
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