EPSRC Capital Award for Core Equipment - Imperial College London

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Research Office


Imperial College London is an internationally leading centre for research, education and translation and the only UK higher education institution to focus exclusively on science, engineering, medicine and business. The College is renowned both for world-class fundamental research and for the translation of this research for the benefit of society and the economy. This proposal aligns with the College's strategy to achieve enduring excellence in research and to promote the development of world-class core disciplines and multidisciplinary research addressing major societal challenges. The provision of cutting-edge research infrastructure and enabling equipment is essential to our mission and the nurturing of world-class talent is core to the College's mission and embodied in our strategy. This exemplifies approach is consistent with EPSRC's view of a World Class Lab supporting the next generation of researchers as a combination of excellent people undertaking cutting-edge research using state-of-the-art, fit-for-purpose equipment underpinned with qualified, well-resourced technical support. Amongst other benefits, the funding will be used to provide capital equipment to our researchers leading to increased types and quality of data available from research groups, new opportunities for collaboration both internally and externally

Planned Impact

We recognise potential academic benefits of the capital investment to include increasing the types and quality of data available from research groups; providing new opportunities for collaboration both internally and externally resulting in joint grant proposals and publications; and enhancing the attractiveness of the research environment of the group, helping to secure and retain high-quality research staff. We expect that PIs who are successfully awarded funding from this block grant to will seek new and exciting collaborations, leading to enhanced equipment usage and maximising the return on this investment. To facilitate this collaboration effort, equipment funded from this grant will be included in the College's directory of research equipment and facilities and we will expect promotion of access to instruments through the applicants' networks. We also commit to include the funded equipment in the equipment.data search engine for UK facilities and via EPSRC/UKRI platforms to ensure the maximum visibility and enable collaboration within the UK where appropriate. We will contact award holders six months after the award start date to ensure that this has happened.


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