EPSRC Core Capital Award

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: Science and Engineering Adminstration


Our proposal requests two items of equipment to benefit users across the College of Science and Engineering - i) a bench-top, high-definition mass spectrometer (MS) to be located within the School of Chemistry, and ii) a multi-target sputter tool to be located within the James Watt Nanofabrication Centre (JWNC).

Both items will expand the current capabilities of the University in the areas of nanofabrication and chemical analysis, which underpin a large portfolio of research in fields including complex chemistry, electronics, quantum lasers, and sensing. The University already delivers excellent research in these areas, and they continue to attract internal and external investment. Strengthening our capacity and capability will allow us to continue to deliver world-class research, grow our future collaborations, and establish new industrial partnerships.

These new facilities will be utilised by researchers across many Schools, including Chemistry, Engineering, Physics & Astronomy and Medicine. They will support several EPSRC Programme and Standard research grants and the four UK Quantum hubs, enabling research such as novel processes for the manufacture of lasers, new functional materials, and unique sensing devices.

We have a network of existing industry partners who can access the new facilities in joint research activities, and plan to attract more collaborative projects that can drive new economic, societal and environmental impacts.

Planned Impact

By improving the facilities available at the University of Glasgow (UoG) researchers will extend academic collaborations and grow their industrial engagement and collaborative research. These items of equipment will underpin this research, which in turn will have wide-ranging impacts across a number of sectors including healthcare, energy and security.

As a direct impact of this equipment we would expect to generate:
- new industrial partnerships
- new joint academic/industrial publications
- new solutions for industrial problems
- new understanding of mass spectrometry for school pupils


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