Advanced Signal Generation And Detection System For Next-generation Ultra-wideband Communication Networks

Lead Research Organisation: University College London
Department Name: Electronic and Electrical Engineering


The research is focused on one of our society's greatest technical challenges and economic drivers with impact on knowledge, economy, society and people as well as business and government activities. It aims to transform the development of the information and communication infrastructure. A high-capacity, flexible, cost-effective and efficient telecommunications and data infrastructure is of great national and international importance. The ability to communicate seamlessly, without delay, requires intelligent communications networks with high capacity, available when and where it is needed. To achieve this requires research advances in ultrawideband wireless and optical networks, as well as intelligent transceivers, new ultrawideband optical devices and algorithms. This is a fast-moving and internationally fiercely competitive field and to maintain international leadership requires the capability of not only making theoretical advances, but the also the ability of demonstrating these experimentally.

Our vision is to create an advanced, world leading signal generation and detection test-bed for advanced communications systems research. The key feature of the proposed system are the ultra-low noise, high-resolution capture and analysis of complex broadband signals, more than quadrupling the achievable network capacity. This unique facility will allow the investigation of optical and wireless networks over a wide range of time- and length scales, including long-haul networks, data centres and enable the research into the ultra-wideband signal manipulation for the next-generation optical & wireless access networks. It will enable UCL and UK to consolidate and enhance its internationally leading position in communications systems research supporting a wide range of other areas.


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