New minimally invasive technologies for the treatment of pancreatic cancer

Lead Research Organisation: University of Leeds
Department Name: Mechanical Engineering


Our vision is to challenge the mind-set of pancreatic cancer being a prognosis of extremely limited options and to enable revolutionary future treatments that will save lives and allow patients to live without major side-effects. Novel engineering and physical science has an essential contribution to make against what is currently the deadliest form of cancer (mortality 95% <2yrs).

This research will centre around the creation of new minimally-invasive technologies based on microscale, magnetically-driven, soft continuum robots. These will newly enable non-destructive access to the intricate sensitive internal anatomy of the pancreas and allow targeted treatments to be delivered. These new technologies will tackle current clinical challenges in pancreatic cancer, while also providing the treatment methods that will be required as possibilities for earlier diagnosis emerge in the future.


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