Laser-PEEM/LEEM Facility for Multidisciplinary Nanoscience Imaging

Lead Research Organisation: Diamond Light Source
Department Name: Physical Sciences


Electron microscopy has a strong record of disruptive breakthroughs that propel innovation by exploring the fundamental properties of a wide range of naturally occurring and fabricated materials. A PhotoEmission Electron Microscope (PEEM) gives nanoscale insights into the chemical, magnetic and electronic properties of materials. A Low-Energy Electron Microscope (LEEM) provides detailed nanoscale structural insights through full-field imaging combined with spatially resolved Low-Energy Electron Diffraction (micro-LEED). We will combine PEEM/LEEM with a continuous wave (CW) laser (Laser-PEEM/LEEM) to provide a unique user facility with the highest possible spatial resolution and with probing depths ranging from less than a nanometre to tens of nanometres. The Laser-PEEM/LEEM instrument will provide unique opportunities to connect structure to function through detailed nanoscale imaging and real-time monitoring of, for example, catalytic chemistry on and around nanoparticles, ferroic domain wall manipulation, edge state structural modifications in 2D materials, battery electrode degradation and photovoltaic cell activity.
The multidisciplinary Laser-PEEM/LEEM facility will provide the science and engineering research community with unique capabilities to address urgent and important societal challenges related to climate change, energy storage, energy harvesting, data and clean growth by enabling scientific advances in, for instance, photovoltaic efficiency, stable and secure data storage device technologies and battery performance.


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