Development and demonstration of an Electromagnetic Gyroscope

Lead Research Organisation: University of Birmingham
Department Name: School of Physics and Astronomy


Since Michael Faraday's first demonstration of the electric generator there has been a controversy about the relationship between the electric and magnetic fields that are measured by a static observer and those measured by an observer on a roundabout. The problem has been solved using standard relativity theory but the predictions have not been fully explored experimentally. One consequence of the theory is that a magnetic field is produced by the rotation of an electrostatically charged ring and, crucially, that the magnitude of this field is proportional to the rotation rate relative to the fixed stars. This coupling of local physics to the rest frame of the Universe is analogous to that found in Newtonian mechanics.
We intend to construct a device that is based on this fascinating principle and use it to detect the rotation rate of the Earth from the confines of a terrestrial laboratory. This will be the first demonstration of an electromagnetic gyroscope. The device will be based on existing laboratory equipment and consumables available at the INFN Legnaro National Laboratory. The travel grant will be used to fund accommodation in Padua, Italy, for 6 months.


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