EPSRC Core Equipment at Southampton 2020

Lead Research Organisation: University of Southampton
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


This proposal is for funding to support the purchase of Core Equipment across the University of Southampton. Following an internal shortlisting process, items were identified as being either key underpinning items for areas of national importance, opportunities to invest to save, or core equipment for the benefit of early career researchers.

We will:

A. Invest in upgrading our existing Helium recovery and liquefaction system to address the challenges of sustainability of Helium as a resource, and to allow us to transport Helium around the University to broaden the benefit.

B. Procure a Domed Hot Stage for our existing powder X-Ray diffractometer to open up the research areas possible, including improved catalysts and better understanding of behaviours of battery materials under temperature.

C. Procure a bespoke designed vaccuum furnace to enable growth and processing of thin films and 2D materials, expanding existing capabilities in size and function, with improved efficiency through economies of scale.

D. Procure a shallow water autonomous underwater vehicle and a state of the art aerial drone to enable inspection of infrastructure, fundamental robotic behaviour and algorithm research and remote data gathering.

Collectively these items align to the call objectives of procuring underpinning equipment (B, C, D), investing to save (A), and core equipment to benefit Early Career Researchers (C and D). The research enabled by these investment aligns to EPSRC priority areas within Physical Sciences, Engineering, Energy and ICT, and national priorities including Autonomous Systems, Infrastructure, Batteries and Advanced Materials.


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