EPSRC Core Equipment for Aston University

Lead Research Organisation: Aston University
Department Name: Research and Knowledge Exchange


The college of engineering carries out world-leading research across 3 interdisciplinary institutes/groups:
EBRI (Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute )
AIPT (Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies)
ASTUTE (Aston Centre for Urban Technology and the Environment)

The success and impact of these institutes is critically dependent on their access to state-of-the art equipment to deliver internationally competitive research. Investment in a Microactivity Effi at EBRI will allow us to analyze and develop innovative chemcial processes that deliver much-needed industrial products with lower energy, water, carbon and resource footprints. Investment in a dual comb laser at AIPT will allow more accurate measuremetns of a variety of liquid and chemcial compounds, including atmospheric pollutants harmful to health. The procurement of a machine learning server will allow our researchers to process vastly increased quantities of data more quickly and effcieintly to deliver accurate and meaningful results in a timescale useful to industry, policy makers and other researchers.


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