RAMP Continuity Network: Scientific Meetings, Rapid Review Group, and Policy Support for COVID-19

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics


Since its inception in late March, RAMP (Rapid Assistance in Modelling the Pandemic) has initiated many new projects and activities and involved in COVID-19 research several hundred scientists whose skill sets complement those of the traditional epidemic modelling community. The majority of substantive new research projects have sought or will seek individual continuity support from UKRI and can also draw on data support, discussion forums infrastructure, and central admin at Edinburgh funded already by UKRI (PI: Ackland). The current proposal is to sustain and add value to RAMP's new research ecosystem, and enhance its connectivity to other COVID-19 research activities across the UK, by funding continuation of key RAMP activities for a further 18 months in the following areas. (i) Scientific networking, to include discussion meetings, study groups, and workshops involving RAMP, SPI-M and other teams; these events organized primarily via the Isaac Newton Institute. (ii) RAMP's Rapid Review Group, based at Oxford, which scrutinizes outputs and reports (from RAMP, SPI-M, third parties and the open literature) so as to better inform Government and its advice channels. (iii) Policy work staffed by the Royal Society to ensure the scientific outputs of RAMP and others land correctly within Government to maximize their policy value.


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