Ocean-REFuel - Ocean Renewable Energy Fuels

Lead Research Organisation: Cardiff University
Department Name: Sch of Engineering


The Ocean-REFuel project brings together a multidisciplinary, world-leading team of researchers to consider at a fundamental level a whole-energy system to maximise ocean renewable energy (Offshore wind and Marine Renewable Energy) potential for conversion to zero carbon fuels. The project has transformative ambition addressing a number of big questions concerning our Energy future:

How to maximise ocean energy potential in a safe, affordable, sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner?
How to alleviate the intermittency of the ocean renewable energy resource?
How ocean renewable energy can support renewable heat, industrial and transport demands through vectors other than electricity?
How ocean renewable energy can support local, national and international whole energy systems?

Ocean-REFuel is a large project integrating upstream, transportation and storage to end use cases which will over an extended period of time address these questions in an innovative manner developing an understanding of the multiple criteria involved and their interactions.


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