Wireless Controls and Readouts for Qubit Upscaling (WiQC)

Lead Research Organisation: University of Glasgow
Department Name: School of Engineering


Quantum computer (QC) systems have the potential to transform computing technology and tackle the unsolved scientific issues that conventional binary logic-based computers are incapable of. The state-of-the-art commercial QC with 127 qubits was recently demonstrated at IBM (Nov 2021). However, to reveal the true potential of the QCs, several-hundred or thousand qubits are required. This is hardly achievable with current QC architectures and technologies, mainly due to the constraint of unscalable hardware such as the size of dilution refrigerators and numerous cables for qubit controls and readouts. In this project, we will investigate a highly risky but potentially rewarding technique for overcoming the urgent technological challenge of scaling up the size of existing quantum simulators and computers. We will take advantage of the matured wireless technology and remove the bulky and costly wired systems for future generation of QCs with wireless CPUs. The proposed technique could potentially host hundreds or thousands of qubits in a very compact way. This could potentially lead to paradigm shifts in existing architectures of QC systems and create several new fields of research.


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