EPSRC Core Equipment Award 2022/23

Lead Research Organisation: University of Cambridge
Department Name: Applied Maths and Theoretical Physics


The funding available through this grant will be used exclusively for the procurement of equipment as required by the call. Two items of equipment have been identified as key strategic priorities for the University, through a competitive review process, identifying where this capital investment will add most value in terms of research excellence.

The investment opportunities outlined in this proposal are in addition to planned investments in capital equipment at the institutional level. However, to demonstrate its support for the strategic areas for investment outlined in this proposal, the University will provide a contribution towards the full cost of the equipment for those items which exceed the maximum limit offered by the EPSRC as part of this call.

The primary beneficiaries from the additional resources requested will be the researchers within the University of Cambridge including PhD students, early career researchers and established research groups, unlocking new research avenues and enhancing the overall equipment portfolio available for sharing. It is expected that use of the equipment will have profound impacts, in the medium to long-term, through the creation and use of first rate research.


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