University of Bristol Core Equipment Award 2022

Lead Research Organisation: University of Bristol
Department Name: Research and Enterprise Development


The University of Bristol has chosen to support investments in equipment which supports sustainability and research across EPSRC's remit in the Engineering and Science Faculties. It will impact dozens of research programs and hundreds of researchers, addressing key strategic priorities in University research programs. Investments are as follows:

Metal Additive Manufacturing Capability enabling researchers across a range of different applications to conduct substantially more sustainable research by radically reducing the mass of manufactured artefacts, drastically cutting carbon emissions during the "use phase" of products as well as reduced use of raw materials - all in research areas that address broader sustainability priorities such as low carbon energy and transport.

Helium capture and compression system, comprising boil-off capture for 11 superconducting NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) magnets in the University of Bristol centralised NMR Facility. This will enable sustainable recovery and recycling of this critical non-renewable resource that is used by hundreds of researchers in Bristol, while providing substantial financial cost-savings (several hundred thousand pounds over the next decade), the majority of which will fall to EPSRC.


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