Synthetic Neural Implant

Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Oxford Chemistry


The majority of neurological injuries and neurodegenerative diseases are currently untreatable with devastating health consequences and substantial financial and social burdens. Based on the technologies derived from our ERC Advanced Grant SYNTISU and a previous PoC grant BIOELECTRIC, we now aim to produce synthetic neural implants (SNIs) as a potential new treatment for patients. The SNIs will be derived from soft synthetic tissues and comprise bio-batteries and neurons. The bio-batteries will generate both electrical and ionic stimulation to stimulate diseased tissue and facilitate the integration of the SNIs and the host. The neurons will replace the damaged or dysfunctional cells and provide a compatible interface between the implant and host. We will collaborate with our industrial partner towards the production of effective, biocompatible, robust SNIs as
a marketable product, in parallel with the establishment of a new subsidiary, Bio.bio3D.


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