Lead Research Organisation: University of Oxford
Department Name: Mathematical Institute


Although pattern formation in soft materials has been studied extensively due to its promising applications in multiple science and
engineering fields, the mechanisms of pattern formation in many cases are still unclear due to the high nonlinearity of the governing
equations induced by large deformations, for instance, localized ridges and complex 3D modes. For stiff thin layer coated to a thick
substrate, an alternative approach is to derive reduced models for the system. However, most existing reduced models are not self*consistent and many nonlinear terms are neglected without proper justifications. This seriously hampers their validity and as a result
the mathematical nature of the above mentioned modes and the effect of additional factors (material inhomogeneity and anisotropy)
are not unveiled.
The project SOFT-PATTERN is to overcome these challenges in an innovative and original way by developing mathematically
consistent and accurate reduced models accounting for material and geometric nonlinearities. The research work will be approached
from theoretical, numerical, and experimental aspects, based on the applicant's and the host laboratory's expertise. The exhaustive
training programme will allow the applicant to grow as a world-class researcher in this field. The proposed research will foster further
development in this direction and contribute to advanced and intelligent technologies of societal importance.
The applicant is a Chinese national, with a solid background in applied mathematics and nonlinear elasticity trained in Hong Kong. He
has published articles in high-impact factor journals, at the frontiers of applied mathematics and other disciplines, and has won two
competitive grants from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, demonstrating independence and leadership in research.
He is requesting funds for two years, to work with Prof. Alain Goriely FRS's team at Oxford. Three secondments at Keele, NUI Galway,
and Cardiff are planned.


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