Gas-Turbine and Governor Modelling and Benefits of Integrated Control of Embedded Generation Plant

Lead Research Organisation: University of Manchester
Department Name: Electrical and Electronic Engineering


It is proposed to develop gas turbine governor control strategies and co-ordinate these with generator excitation control to maximise overall turbine-generator contribution to improved system stability, security and operation. Previous studies have indicated that gas turbine control has the potential for extending the capability of embedded generation in the distribution system context. This project aims to provide, through the involvement of both gas turbine manufacturers and network operators, a reliable platform from which to realistically assess the control contribution capabilities of gas turbine driven generation in the distribution system context. To this end the initial phase of the work will include validation of the gas turbine and governor model by comparison of simulation results obtained using Matlab and PSS/E software packages with measured test results provided by the industrial collaborator. The ensuing studies will aim to modify the currently adopted philosophy for gas turbine control and blend it with the requirements of system operation in a way that extends the stability margins and range of operation of gas turbine generating plant connected at distribution system level. Control schemes based on the strategies will be initially designed and tested in Matlab (and subsequently applied in PSS/E) under relevant system operating conditions to assess their robustness and scope. The studies will also aim to establish the economic benefits that may be offered as incentive for the adoption of the modified control strategies developed.


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