The impact of ideas in policy change on labour migration

Lead Research Organisation: University of Sheffield
Department Name: Politics


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Description This research developed new ways of thinking about immigration policymaking. In particular, how ideas and knowledge flow through policy communities to influence policy outputs and outcomes; the role of epistemic communities in furthering more liberal policies on immigration; the veracity of government claims regarding the centrality of 'evidence-based policymaking'; and explaining when, why and how policies on immigration change.
Exploitation Route These findings are of relevance to the policymaking community generally, and all those interested in influencing the policy process. They point to the difficulties in translating research into influence, and highlight the specific circumstances when such changes did take place in certain case studies (labour migration policy in the UK and Spain). They are therefore potentially useful for all those involved in policy-relevant research, and policymakers seeking to improve the quality of decision-making.
Sectors Government, Democracy and Justice