Programme on Innovation and Diffusion (POID)

Lead Research Organisation: London School of Economics & Pol Sci
Department Name: Centre for Economic Performance


UK productivity is low compared to peer nations and varies across organisations, places and people. We have learned
much about the drivers of productivity and challenges to productivity growth, but there is an urgent need to: create new, better and more accessible data; improve our understanding of productivity at the level of the organisation and workplace; and develop new knowledge on how place and communities shape productivity and outcomes for business, workers and society.

Our team of co-investigators is located across the UK and abroad. Researchers will explore synergies across disciplines and research projects. We have profiled exemplar and planned projects for the initial period of POID. We will prioritise impact through effective communication, including providing non-technical summaries of our work and designing online content. Crucially, POID will also deliver academic excellence in the form of theoretical, conceptual, methodological and empirical innovations.


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