Determining the structure and function of protein S-acyltransferases that modify signal transducing proteins

Lead Research Organisation: Imperial College London
Department Name: Life Sciences


Many proteins become attached to cell membranes and targeted to their proper destinations inside cells by having fatty molecules attached to them – we are trying to understand this process called S-acylation. These proteins are commonly involved in regulating cell growth and function and their inappropriate activation can cause disease such as cancer. Studies in yeast have recently provided clues to the identity of the enzymes that attach these fatty molecules to the proteins. We will identify the human enzymes that carry out this process and use molecular and cellular techniques to study their function. Ultimately, by understanding and interfering with these enzymes it may be possible to treat diseases that are caused by inappropriate activity of their target proteins.

Technical Summary

Protein:S-acylation is a key post-translational hydrophobic modification of proteins that targets them intracellularly to specific membrane sites where they carry out their functions. Protein:S-acyltransferase (PAT) enzymes have recently been identified in yeast and 23 human homologues (DHHC-CRD genes) have been identified by database searching. We propose to determine which of these proteins carries out S-acylation of the signalling molecules N-/H-Ras and Lck which have different S-acylation sites. We will then study the functional consequences of knocking down S-acylation of these proteins. We will also study the structure and function of one of the PATs.


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