SUE: Water Cycle Management for New Developments: WaND

Lead Research Organisation: University of Exeter
Department Name: Engineering Computer Science and Maths


The project aims to support the delivery of integrated, sustainable water management for new developments by provision of tools and guidelines for proj design, implementation and management. It consists of six core work packages designed to cover the most important aspects of water management. Three are technically based concerning water supply, storm drainage and wastewater. The goal is to identify key performance and design issues and t+ quantify the key system, infrastructure and environment interactions. Two other packages deal with aspects concerned with social acceptability of new 'sustainable' technologies, the decision-making process and the place of water management in it, the role of whole-life costing in this context and the potential for increased health risks. The final W P pulls together the strands of the issues and techniques raised in the other five to produce a toolbox fc the risk-based, planning and outline design of water systems in new developments to maximise sustainability relative to the constraints on the particular development site. The model will be used to evaluate alternative development and water management scenarios and to propose more sustainable strategies, demonstrated through a number of case studies. Funded 'plus' projects will add value to the 'core' programme above, particularly by drawir in further interdisciplinary and inter- sector issues.


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Fidar A (2016) Performance evaluation of conventional and water saving taps in Science of The Total Environment

Description See text under GR/S18373/01
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Description See text under GR/S18373/01
First Year Of Impact 2011
Sector Environment
Impact Types Economic,Policy & public services