ESRC/MRC/BBSRC initiative: Understanding Individual Behaviours - Exploratory Networks

Lead Research Organisation: Economic and Social Research Council
Department Name: UNLISTED


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Technical Summary

The ESRC in collaboration with the BBSRC and MRC invites applications for innovative exploratory networks (ENs) in the area of Understanding Individual Behaviour (UIB). This call is for new bids for pump priming activities to support Exploratory Networks. The pump priming funding is intended to encourage the development of interdisciplinary networks, innovative research ideas, the conduct of pilot and proof of principle studies as preliminary investigations, and putting together more substantial bids for funding of interdisciplinary collaborations.||UIBEN applications will be expected to address at least one of the following in the course of their activities:|* Timing over the life course|* Decision making and risk taking|* Adaptation, wellbeing and resilience |* Innovative methodologies and new technologies|* Longitudinal data ||Key thematic areas:|i) Health Behaviours |ii) Financial and Economic Behaviour |iii) Learning, Education and Symbolic Systems |iv) Fertility and Reproductive Behaviour |v) Criminal and Antisocial Behaviour |vi) Sex Differences |vii) Environment and Behaviour|


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