SC4SM Phase 1

Lead Research Organisation: Technology Strategy Board


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Technical Summary

Stem Cells for Safer Medicines is a public-private collaboration whose objective is to enable the creation a bank of stem cells, open protocols and standardised systems in stem cell technology that will enable consistent differentiation of stem cells into stable homogenous populations of particular cell types, with physiologically relevant phenotypes suitable for toxicology testing in high throughput platforms. The collaboration will draw upon scientific expertise within pharmaceutical companies - especially in relation to safety assessment of new medicines - academic stem cell experts in the UK and seek engagement with third parties including biotechnology companies. Stem Cells for Safer Medicines is therefore interested in the potential of differentiating human stem cells into normal human cells, such as those in the liver (hepatocytes) and heart muscle (cardiomyocytes) for use in the early, high throughput, toxicology screening of potential new medicines. However, substantive scientific hurdles remain that are best tackled by a public-private collaboration.


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